Klipsch T5 II Sport In Ear Headphones two people near water

Earphones/In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch earphones may be small, but their sound is more powerful than any competitor on the market today. Our ultra-comfortable, patented oval ear tip design means that our earphones won’t fall out like cheap, round earbuds tend to do.

They look a lot nicer too.

If you’re a frequent traveler or always on the go, Klipsch earphones are perfect because they combine the portability of an earbud with the quality and performance of a Klipsch speaker.

  • Detalles de la promoción de productos
    • T5 II TRUE WIRELESS SPORT: Oferta por tiempo limitado: 12/04/21 - 31/05/21
    • T5 II True Wireless Gunmetal: Oferta por tiempo limitado: 19/07/21 - 25/07/21
    • T5 II True Wireless Silver: Oferta por tiempo limitado: 19/07/21 - 25/07/21
    • T5 II TRUE WIRELESS SPORT White: Oferta por tiempo limitado: 28/07/21 - 30/07/21